Sports Performance and Chiropractic

Sports Performance and Chiropractic

As a professional fisherman I do not have the choice of fishing on only the nicest days.  In fact, it seems like the weather never cooperates and I’m fishing in wind, rain and cold temperatures.  What that means is I’m wearing heavy soaked rain gear that is constantly pulling on my shoulders causing back and neck pain.  Additionally, the lakes will often be rough and making long boat rides thru rough water is anything but enjoyable.  In fact, I have had numerous instances of severe back pain caused by slamming into waves.  All of this wear and tear on my body can negatively affect my fishing performance and the longevity of my career if I do not take care of myself.

One of the first things I do after returning from a tournament is get an adjustment from Dr. Sara.  After a rough tournament my body needs to be realigned and an adjustment can often times lead to immediate pain relief.  I also try to get an adjustment before I leave for a tournament as I know routine adjustments will allow my body to handle the cross country drives and on the water punishment I put it through.  I also fully believe that over time chiropractic care will lengthen my career and help me perform at the highest levels.

I encourage all fisherman regardless of skill level to consider chiropractic care.  As the routine wear and tear on the shoulders, elbows, back and legs can lead to severe pain if left untreated.  Routine chiropractic care can prevent injury and long term affects, which will continue to allow each of you to pursue your passion as it does mine.


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