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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

The biomechanics of the human spine are incredibly important for understanding numerous health conditions. Abnormal posture plays a significant role in the degeneration of tissues and in the understanding of degenerative processes. Having a thorough understanding of the normal spine and spinal biomechanics give us a window into the structure and function of the human nervous system.

The human nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, every tissue and every organ system in the body. Structure determines function, and the biomechanical structure of the human spine and posture determine the function of the delicate nervous system that is housed inside.

At Infinity Wellness and Chiropractic we can visualize the most in-depth spinal structures possible! We can have insights that few others possess! We can utilize this amazing technology to see the root source of many problems from abnormal muscle function to disc, bone, and spinal pain. We can see the structural abnormalities that cause stresses and strains on the nerves and thus lead to less functional capability.

Infinity Wellness and Chiropractic is very honored to provide the best treatment possible, and with our high frequency, fully digital analysis, we can provide the safest, most informative analysis possible! If you have any interest in seeing the exact reason why spines deteriorate and want to know what you can do to stop the process, contact us today!

Most insurance covers the diagnostics and we have very reasonable and generous discounts available to those who qualify. Don’t hesitate! Contact us today!