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29: Talking Shop, Business, and of course Health with Quyen Hom

29: Talking Shop, Business, and of course Health with Quyen Hom

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My inbox and Instagram are full of references to Quyen right now. She’s a local business gal, she owns a shop and is almost done with the UW Stevens Point’s MBA program. She’s always taking time to better herself and her community in regards to entrepreneurship and social justice. One of my fave women to talk to, welcome to Tangents Quyen!

What are you into now?

Kali’s first interaction with Quyen was in health at Infinity Wellness and Chiropractic and since we’re a health based show, Quyen takes time for these health practices:

  • Background in dance, intuitive wellness-works out in a way that feels good at the time, rotates between Peloton, dance, gym workouts
  • Not a big background in organized fitness but likes to move
  • What does staying engaged in health do for you? 


Quyen’s background! 

  • Originally from Minneapolis
  • Moved here in 2013, background in photography and the dental industry
  • Opened the shop in 2016 without a strong business background


Shop life

  • Located downtown in Stevens Point
  • Has go-to brands and is trying to incorporate more sustainable and/or local producers and makers
  • Shopping for store takes some time, getting hands on product, trying on and mindfulness of future trends
  • Be All The Things Scholarship Program


Why the UWSP business program?

  • Learn how to lead better, improve communication skills


How do you balance business, family life, etc?

  • Bullet journaling
  • Be willing to say ‘no’, do what you can and let the rest fall into place


How can you find Quyen?


Have a question or topic suggestion? Reach out by emailing contactinfinitywellness@gmail.com


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