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25: Functional Medicine 101

25: Functional Medicine 101

Topic: Interview with Dr. Colton Kaminski

Our tag line for Tangents podcast is Health. Life. Connection. On today’s episode we are discussing health in more depth. Welcome to this episode where we are having a conversation with Dr. Colton Kaminski. I’m your host, Dr. Sara. I think you’ll really enjoy this episode with Dr. Colton. Dr. Colton is a chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, a great dad of 2 – almost 3! – little boys, and an advocate for optimal health.

What are you into now?:

  • Colton: discovering what makes people hit plateau’s and how to avoid them

Our topic today is a field that is becoming more and more mainstream, but it is still a undiscovered to many people. Are you seeking out medical help, but not getting answers. Or when you ask questions at your regular checkups, you’re brushed off or given an easy fix with a prescription. For whatever reason, many people are not satisfied with the interactions with their primary care medical doctors. That’s the opposite outcome we want for you. Today I hope we can shed some light on how functional medicine is different and why you might want to seek out help in a way you hadn’t thought about yet. Educating yourself is a way to break free from traditional mindsets about health. Let’s dive on in with some education and inspiration and find out why functional medicine is on the rise in the US.

Fact: Research on functional medicine is not overwhelming. But what is overwhelming is data like:

American’s spend $1200 annually on prescription medications (Bloomberg.com)

US Healthcare is the most expensive in the world

Half of all US deaths are due to preventable exposures or behaviors.


Tell us about what sets functional medicine apart from traditional medicine.

How did you get your start in this specialty?

What problems do you see most commonly in your practice?

Why should someone seek out the guidance of a functional medicine practitioner?

What would someone expect from a first visit or care plan from someone like yourself?

Books or recommendations on how to take charge of your own health?

Dale Bredesen The End of Alzheimer’s Program


Takeaway: After hearing Dr. Colton share today, we hope you can see an alternative to the traditional medical system. Yes, medicine, especially emergency medicine, will always have a place in our society, but what we know is that it is our responsibility to take charge of our own health. If you need help, or know someone who does, and functional medicine sounds like a path for you, please don’t wait. Share this podcast. Seek out the help of a qualified professional so you (or your family member or friend) can break free from pain and problems and join the ranks of those who are living in an abundance of health.

Contact Dr. Colton Kaminski at contactrevolutionhealth@gmail.com or 715-952-1422.

Find a Functional Medicine provider at: The Institute for Functional Medicine online at ifm.org.

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