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23: Your Surrogacy Questions Answered!

23: Your Surrogacy Questions Answered!

Podcast Episode #23

Topic: interview with Jesse Skalitzky from Pink & Blue Surrogacy and Fertility

Intro: In this episode Kali interviews Jesse from Pink & Blue Surrogacy. Jesse manages the agency Kali used for her surrogacy process. Listen in as we chat about Jesse’s history in the business, why she started Pink & Blue as well as what to expect in the process if you are looking to pursue it.



  • History of Pink & Blue/Why?
    • Went to UW, cell bio major/worked in ART lab (student embryologist) 
    • History of egg donation
    • Became a surrogate and did it three times
    • P&B started during second surrogacy (started helping in 2008 and established business in 2010)
  • How did you get into it?
    • Loved being pregnant, wanted to help others
    • Saw a need to start the business and streamline process
  • How do you find surrogates/how do they find you?
    • Found online normally, has office space in Waterloo, WI
    • Business is everywhere, lots of online work and big reach across the country
    • ASRM, governing body of agency/surrogacy
  • What do you offer? Fertility services?
    • Surrogacy support services
    • Fertility support, for those who are starting reproductive life and need help
  • How do you manage it all plus home life?
    • Trial and error, custom process for each but has multiple cases
  • What’s next for the agency?
    • New website 
    • Getting word out for new carriers/recommit previous ones

Takeaway: reach out to Jesse if you’re considering being a carrier or need support through the fertility process

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Find Jesse at:

Website- https://pinkandbluesurro.com/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pinkandbluesurro/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/pinkbluesurro/