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22: Our Daily Healthy Habits

22: Our Daily Healthy Habits

Podcast Episode #22

Topic: Healthy ongoing habits we ascribe to, part 1

What are you into now?

Intro: “Your beliefs become your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words. 

Your words become your actions. 

Your actions become your habits. 

Your habits become your values. 

Your values become your destiny.” 


How do we determine our habits, values and destiny and what is it that we do to stay healthy? You won’t be surprised when we say regular exercise or getting proper rest, but what else do we do day in and day out that helps us stay ahead of the curve? If thoughts and habits become our destiny, we’d rather be in the driver’s seat determining which way we go.  That’s what today’s episode is all about. 


Home: salt lamps, essential oils, water filtration, non-fragrance detergents, natural cleaners, clean makeup and personal care products (non-fluoride toothpaste, natural deodorant, etc)

Technology: blue blocker glasses, night shift app/f.lux, R2L, wifi on a timer, keep phone off body/use headset

Professional: goal setting, coaching, accountability, positive environments, side hustle

Takeaway: where is your phone right now? If it’s in your pocket or somewhere on your body, consider turning on airplane or get it off your body

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