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21: All About Grass-Fed Beef and Why It’s Good for Dinner

21: All About Grass-Fed Beef and Why It’s Good for Dinner

Podcast Episode #21

Topic: Interview with Tiffany Stewart

Today we have a guest with us on the podcast. Tiffany Stewart is the owner and farmer behind Stewart Grass Fed Beef out of Almond, WI. Tiffany not only is part of the farming operation, she’s a lifelong learner and advocate for personal wellness. She is a nutrition coach who received her certification through Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She has a well-rounded approach to health, and understands the science behind why eating nutritious food is of utmost importance. I’m really looking forward to our conversation today and enlightening all of you on why what you buy, eat and who you support really matters.

What are you into now: 

  • Tiffany – new puppy Heartly, positive thinking and workouts with Peleton online app.

Intro: Have you heard the headlines and news that red meat is bad for you? Have you been staying away from beef because you think it’s dangerous and going to cause heart attacks? On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve all heard the slogan, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.” We aren’t against eating red meat, but we don’t want you just picking up whatever is on sale at the grocery store, either. It really matters where you get your food from, especially when we’re talking protein sources. When it comes to beef, we want you to know your farmer. We want you to be educated on why grass-fed beef is so much healthier for you and the planet. We want you to be able to relax and sit down for a family dinner and know that you are supporting your local economy and doing what’s best for your health and longevity.

Fact: Grass fed beef is a growing segment of the US meat industry.

Retail sales of labeled fresh grass fed beef reached $272 million in 2016, up from $17 million in 2012 and doubling every year, according to a new report entitled Back to Grass: the Market Potential for U.S. Grass fed Beef.


  • Tell us more about yourself and your background with health and wellness, including your nutrition coaching certification.
  • How did you end up being a farmer?
  • Why grass fed beef? What are the benefits to us, as humans, for eating your beef versus commercial animal feeding operations? (CAFO’s)
  • What do you think the future looks like for protein sources? Do you think that farmers like you will continue to flourish?
  • I know that Covid has seemingly gotten more people’s attention about quality of food. In turn, it sounds like you’ve increased your reach and the number of people who buy beef from you. Why do you think that is? And do you think it will continue?
  • What is your typical day like? I know you aren’t full-time in the barn or in the field, so how do you find a balance in all that life throws your way?
  • If someone wants to contact their local farmer, what should they expect? How should they go about finding someone and how do you typically go about purchasing beef?

Takeaway: Please consider supporting and getting to know your local farmer. Eat grass fed beef and continue to work towards improving what’s on your plate day in and day out.


Tiffany – Please visit Stewart Grass Fed Beef and Anchoredfemale.com

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