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20: You asked, We answered…Listener Q&A

20: You asked, We answered…Listener Q&A

Podcast Episode #20

Topic: Listener Q&A

What are you into now?


We have reached our 20th episode! And to celebrate we wanted YOUR input so we put the call out to get listener questions for a fun Q&A episode. We’re doing this because we think you deserve to hear all sides of the story so you can make the best decision for you and your family. We care about you. We are inspired by the human body and we want you to feel empowered with knowledge, too. 

We are looking forward to diving into your questions and have a range of topics to cover within this show. Let’s get started…

Listener questions

    • When your wellness principles conflict, how do you make a decision? As a simple example, you advocate against MSG, but promote jerky, bacon, sausage and other processed meats that often contain MSG as healthy protein choices. Do you have established priorities that help you work through these conflicts?
      • Find products that don’t contain MSG or don’t have it blatantly listed in the ingredients such as Duke’s smoked sausages and Jones breakfast sausage
    • Similarly: when you make a decision that doesn’t prioritize “wellness” in maybe the stereotypical sense, do you feel like you have cheated and try to make up for it, or do you accept it as the best way forward in the moment? For example(s), ordering pizza, driving instead of walking, skipping that meditation practice… are these failures, or part of overall life balance (and ultimately, wellness)? 
  • That’s life. When wellness happens more often than not, I can’t feel bad about being human and doing these things. It’s about awareness and consistency.
  • Stuck on a deserted island and can have a book and one piece of workout equipment, what would you want with you?

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