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19: Evolution of Health-Interview with Chris Oestreicher

19: Evolution of Health-Interview with Chris Oestreicher

Podcast Episode #19

Topic: Evolution of Health, interview with Chris Oestreicher

Intro: Join one of your Tangents host, Kali Clark as she interviews her brother Chris. In this episode they expand on growing up on the standard American diet and what drove them to live healthier lives despite their upbringing. Tune in to hear about the evolution.

Kali and Chris also dive into family life, fitness and more! 

What are you into now: 

  • Heavy lifting and individualized nutrition
  • Prepping for Race the Lake


About Chris: 

  • Initial schooling at UWSP, HPW program 
  • Interest in wellness began as he was pursuing entry into the Airforce, 
  • Interest in art parlayed to woodworking
  • Got into running, marathons, cycling in early 2000s. Fitness life has evolved to accommodate children, injury, interests and work life. 
  • Both of us aware that we liked fitness and began to investigate healthy eating to support our fitness goals
    • Grew up on the standard American diet
    • We are constantly trying to improve and be healthy for ourselves and our families

Takeaway: health is an evolving aspect of our lives. You can choose to recognize how important it is and improve or continue on a path of mediocre health. 

You can find Chris on Instagram at @majormoderndaddio