Our Services

Our purpose: There is an urgent problem in our community where people are over medicated, under inspired and needlessly suffering. We exist as a beacon of light, guiding our community toward an extraordinary experience of health, healing, and transformation. Our clear goal for every patient is to fuel a transformational healing process by blasting through old paradigms, skyrocketing expectations, and building a vibrant, dynamic life.

  • Nutrition

    Sweet Spot Nutrition is based in our office!  Kali is a Precision Nutrition certified coach with lots of experience in health and wellness.  Learn more about meal planning, how much you need to eat, decreasing inflammation and more!  She is…

  • Power Plate/TRX Suspension Training

    Power Plate/TRX Suspension Training

    Acceleration training on a Power Plate® stimulates fast-twitch muscle fibers. Athletes who use Power Plate® machines over time experience a dramatic increase in explosive strength, motor learning, muscular endurance and overall agility. In just minutes, range of motion and stability…

  • Structural Rehabilitation

    Structural Rehabilitation

    Why Traction? Many of you have been to chiropractors who do not utilize traction in the office. Some of you have never been to a chiropractor and may be wondering why traction is a necessary and an important part of…

  • Digital Radiography

    Digital Radiography

    The biomechanics of the human spine are incredibly important for understanding numerous health conditions. Abnormal posture plays a significant role in the degeneration of tissues and in the understanding of degenerative processes. Having a thorough understanding of the normal spine…