Household Cleaners and Their Toxins

By Dr. Sara

Our food, cosmetics, carpet, furniture, you name it, is made with thousands of chemicals. It is estimated that in the US, we have over 70,000 chemicals in commercial use with more than 2,000 additional being approved each year. Does that alarm you? Should it concern you? It concerns me. And here’s why.

The human body is a miracle of intricate systems working together in fine tuned harmony. Our kidneys’ primary purpose: extract waste from blood, balance body fluids, and form urine. Our liver’s primary purpose: detoxify chemicals and metabolize drugs, among other important tasks. These organs are critical to our overall health and they do their jobs very well. However, with the continued bombardment of chemicals – new and old, they can get overwhelmed. Continued exposure to chemicals can be linked to liver disease, autoimmune diseases, fertility issues and even possibly autism, along with other problems. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has many great resources to learn even more about how chemicals impact our health. Two articles I think are important to start with are:

One of the ways that I work to decrease my and my family’s exposure to chemicals is to use safer cleaning products. I believe it’s important to have safer cleaners for a number of reasons. One, I don’t to breath in the fumes from harsh chemicals while I’m cleaning. Two, I don’t want harsh chemicals left behind after I’m completed with my chores to then be transferred to our food, hands or otherwise to be secondarily ingested. And lastly, I think the natural cleaners many times work just as good, or better, than the ones found in the cleaning isle at the grocery store.